The Code of Conduct is a key step in fulfilling our Board of Director’s commitment to make our school safe by promoting respect, responsibility and civility. Students, teachers, staff and parents have the right to be safe, and feel safe, in their school community. With this Code we are setting clear, consistent standards of behaviour that will help accomplish this goal. Our school’s behaviour policy is based on our school’s values and our aim is to promote behaviour improvement as a means of improving learning and teaching.

Our aim with these rules is to help our students learn self-control, respect themselves and have respect for others, and to learn this very important lesson: “Self-discipline controls my consequences”. We want our students to take pride in themselves, their behaviour and their school by always setting a good example. We want to create a disciplined but relaxed environment which is conducive to learning.

Dress code

The school uniform is compulsory and the proper school uniform must be worn at all times and to school functions (unless stated otherwise).All students participating in approved school activities are expected to comply with the required dress code and personal appearance regulations of the activity in which they are participating. No variation from the uniform specified in the admission document will be permitted.

Any item that is not listed may be confiscated if worn by a learner. Any sloppy or untidy appearance will not be tolerated. Infringements of the dress/uniform code will result in removal from the class until the learner’s appearance is satisfactory.

  • The school uniform is compulsory and the proper school uniform must be worn at all times and to school functions (unless stated otherwise).
  • Students’ uniforms should look neat and students should be groomed and well-presented at all times.
  • Boys’ pants shall be worn securely at the waist; no abdomen skin or underwear is to be exposed.
  • Boys’ shirts are to be kept tucked in at all times.
  • Girls’ skorts are not to be shorter than 10 cm above the knee.
  • All students participating in approved school activities are expected to comply with the required dress code and personal appearance regulations of the activity in which they are participating.

Hair and appearance

  • No make-up will be allowed.Nails are to be clean, short and neat at all times. Clear nail polish may be worn.
  • Visible pierced jewellery shall be limited to one piercing per ear. Only small sleepers or studs earrings may be worn.
  • No jewellery except watches may be worn.
  • Students’ hair has to be neat, clean and well groomed.
  • Fringes must be neat and kept out of the face line.
  • No hair gel, highlighting or colouring of hair will be allowed.
  • Hairstyles should be conservative in keeping with the school image and learner’s self-pride.
  • Decorations, symbols, mottos, or designs imprinted or attached to the body or clothing, which are offensive to good taste or the maintenance of decorum, or which advertise tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or which identify the students as members of secret anti-social groups or gangs, shall not be worn to school or school functions.


  • A strong, partitioned suitcase, clearly marked with name
  • No graffiti is allowed on bags
  • Cell phones/ I Pods/ MP 3s/ Walkmans or any other electronic equipment:
  • A zero tolerance of cell phone usage during classes.
  • Cell phones must be switched off during school hours including breaks. If found on during school hours the cell phone will be confiscated.
  • Should a learner not adhere to this rule, the cell phone will be confiscated for two weeks.
  • Learners are allowed to bring cell phones to school with the understanding that MCS will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft thereof.
  • It is on the onus of the learner to take responsibility for the safekeeping of his/her cell phone at all times.
  • Cell phones are not to be used in the classroom by educators and should only be used in the case of an emergency.

Policy on late comers / punctuality / truancy

  • School starts at 07:30 – students must be in their tutor rooms timeously for registration.
  • Late comers must report to the Administration Office to receive an Entry Slip (if the reason is valid) or a Late Slip.
  • Three late slips will result in a first break detention.
  • Truancy from a class or from school is a serious offence, repeated truancy may lead to suspension
  • If a student feels ill during school they have to report to the Administration Office (parents will be contacted if deemed necessary).
  • If an appointment is scheduled during school hours (which should be avoided) a note from parents must be handed into the Administration Office from where an early departure slip will be issued.
  • Any child collected from school before the end of a school day can only leave if a parent has signed the Admin Exit register at our Admin offices and has asked for permission in advance via email or telephonically from the Principal for the early departure
  • If absent during an examination, a medical certificate must be produced.
  • Access to examination rooms will not be allowed half an hour after commencement of exams.

Substance abuse and prohibited items

  • No possession of, dealing in or using alcohol or drugs/stimulants i.e. Red bull, Monster  a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on banned substances will be adhered to
  • No possession of pornographic material
  • No possession of or smoking cigarettes
  • No weapons of any kind may be brought to school (i.e. guns, knives ) a zero tolerance policy will be adhered to
  • The Principal will bear responsibility and will do everything in her/his power to ensure that MCS remains a drug free zone.
  • Suitable education, guidance and monitoring programmes will be conducted at MCS.
  • Appropriate actions will be taken in cases of infringements of this policy.
  • The best interests of the school as a whole will be considered paramount.

Positive reinforcements can be awarded to the children for:

  • good values and positive attitudes;
  • sportsmanship;
  • recycling efforts;
  • cultural activities;
  • community service;
  • academic effort.

House teams

Learners are placed in house teams, namely Loeries and Fish Eagles.Points are awarded to the house teams for acts of individual and group goodwill deeds including
community work and school service. A competition is generated each term to inspire the children and increase house spirit.

Good work certificates

  • These should be issued as a reward for a concerted and positive work ethic.
  • Good work certificates will be issued at the educator’s discretion.
  • The educator shall consciously seek to allow every child an opportunity to earn good work certificates during each term.