Environment & Community 

The students’ involvement in community and environmental projects are an essential part of our school curriculum. Our school’s motto for our outreach arm is: “be the change you want to see in the world”. Our aim is to lead by example, to serve others, to respect other cultures and to contribute positively to society. We will be involved in reading schemes, numeracy and literacy training, art workshops and skills development.

Environmental Awareness

We have achieved Green School accreditation. We care about doing our part to advance the “green” movement. By using products that are environmentally friendly, we can lead by example and make our learners aware, from a practical view, how it is enforced. We have also introduced a formal recycling initiative into our school environment from the Principal’s office to the classrooms. Each learner, as part of a team, will have a turn to categorise and dispose of our clean litter which can be recycled. We educate the school staff and learners on which items of litter can be recycled and hope that the ideas will filter into your homes too.

Also envisaged is:

  • Social responsibility & investment
  • Establishment of an educational trust

Community Service / Outreach 

“Generosity never impoverishes; rather it opens the door to new opportunity, to new interests of which we had not dreamt. It brings the very sunshine of the joy of God into our lives as well as the lives of others. To whom much has been given, of her much shall be required. Do not forget the service-that we privileged people owe to our country and to everybody in it.” – D.V. Thompson, Kingsmead Founder

  • At MCS we encourage our pupils to share with others who are in need. Our pupils benefit from this exposure which gives them insight to a world where people are in need.
  • Mountain Cambridge School supports the following organisations: Glenwood Primary, Ennis Thabong Primary, Lesedi House, CANSA & Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society.
  • In keeping with the school’s policy, a portion of funds raised from all events/entrepreneurs day projects are donated to worthy causes.

Entrepreneurial Skills 

Our students will be responsible for the successful running of their own entrepreneurial ventures, the proceeds of which will be used for community development projects. Under the guidance of our mentorship programme we will nurture and develop our students’ business skills. This programme forms an essential part of our Personal Skills Development Programme.