The Mountain Cambridge School’s motto- Paratus – means: be ready, be prepared, be Real World Ready.

The motto combined with the shield, is a constant reminder to our school community that knowledge, education and moral strength provide the key to the journey of life, to be real world ready. We will equip our learners with knowledge and learning to enable them to take guardianship and our education will be the gateway to the real world and life.

Crests have been in use for many centuries by both families and institutions. They are design to express, in pictorial form, ideas that would otherwise take a great deal of explanation. Once the crest is understood, merely seeing it brings to mind all the elements and their meanings. We want our school community to see our crest, and have a visual reminder of what we are doing here at The Mountain Cambridge School.

Our school crest is a traditional heraldic crest that is divided into four quadrants, each with a key symbol.

The Arc de Triomphesymbolizes a gateway (to the world).

The Booksymbolizes literature, culture and learning and the Key symbolizes guardianship and unlocking life / your own potential and curiosity to learn.

The Atom: symbolizes science, mathematics and technology, learning and knowledge.

The Mountain: symbolizes to be prepared, to overcome obstacles and the Watersymbolizes life.