It has been months since I last wrote to you. I often look back at my years at the Mountain Cambridge School,  and I think “How lucky was I to have you and an amazing group of teachers?” To have something so good it made it hard to say goodbye?  I will forever be grateful to you and the staff at MCS, for giving me the best two years of my life.
I look at my life now, and all my achievements and I know that I wouldn’t be where I am and who I am if it wasn’t for you and the staff at MCS. Currently,  I’m doing my first year of Biotechnology (doing my last semester, because I am a second semester intake student). I will start my second year in July.  I am excited ma’am, excited for the future,  it doesn’t scare me any more because I know that whatever life has to throw at me, I am ready; I am real world ready.
I only ask of you one thing; that you keep me updated with whatever is going on at the MCS, be it events or anything, I will be there when I can. MCS is part of me, a part that I will keep for the rest of my life.

With love and respect,

Lettie Mabonyane

I am happy to let you know that I got 98% on my first Maths test. I am currently the second highest in all Pre-Degree Students. All thanks to you, Mr Bailey, and Cambridge. I would also like to express my gratitude to you, your teachers and your school. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your time. Thank you for being genuine. Thank you for explaining things until I understood (That’s Mr Bailey). Thank you for being my teachers.
I have been in eight school, but out of all those schools MCS was the best one. Even the school in the luxurious and beautiful Dubai wasn’t as good as MCS. In the two years that I spent in MCS I learned a lot of things and I will carry those things in my heart forever.
I learned that with hard work, honesty, respect, discipline, trust, and enthusiasm you can do anything and be anything you desire to be.
You have changed my whole aspect on my learning, I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of you, and that’s Midrand Graduate Institute ( where I’m currently doing their Pre- Degree, I will be studying Biomedicine next year). I even use mind maps, tree maps, and etc when I study.
I am what I am today because of you all and whenever my lecturers ask about my high school, I proudly say “Mountain Cambridge School”.
Because of you all, I am real world ready.

Lettie Mabonyane

On the soccer field I am doing very well, the coaches are happy with my performances and I am the first choice Keeper. I have even had a nomination for defensive player of the week in our conference. I am scoring in the upper 80’s in academics, but that is only because Cambridge has helped me a lot!

Miguel Hof

I am pleased to send this message to you to update you and express my gratitude towards all the staff members that where part of my journey at MCS.

I have followed my childhood dream of becoming a Commercial Pilot and joined as a Student Pilot at Loutzavia flight academy at Wonderboom airport in November 2015. I currently have an 85% average for my theoretical exams for this year and my training is progressing well.

I received news recently that shows the value of doing the Cambridge curriculum, because of my first language AS English CIE certificate I was not required to write any English exam at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

But undoubtedly MCS and the Cambridge system helped me immensely to have discipline in my studies and giving me tools for effective learning.

It simply feels foreign to me that just yesterday I was part of the very first LSL group of the MCS High School and how time went by so quickly.

I could write pages and pages similar to my Business case studies (Sorry Mrs Crothall) of my experiences over the years at MCS.

However to sum it all up I would just say thank you! Thank you for the encouragement and the patience.

Thank you to all the MCS students of 2013 for giving me the opportunity to be one of their Prefects for 2014; Thanks to you and Mrs Human hard work in bringing the Cambridge curriculum to a small North West town and building an award-winning school that I am always proud to say, “I am from Mountain Cambridge School”

Louis Minnaar