The aim of the MCS Baby & Toddler School (6 weeks – 3 year olds) is to provide the children with a nurturing and stimulating environment where through differentiation, play, joyous exploration and movement the children progressively develop:

  • A sense of self-worth and well-being.
  • A secure sense of belonging enabling them to work spontaneously, independently and confidently.
  • Appropriate socializing skills enabling them to engage assertively yet respectfully and politely in a positive manner.
  • An awareness of right and wrong which has been internalized thus enabling them to make informed decisions about their behavior.
  • Physically with the emphasis on gross motor, fine motor and perceptual skills as the foundation for effective reading and writing.
  • Sensory skills which will enable a greater awareness of self within the bigger world.
  • Creative, inquiring minds which will enable them to think reason and willingly explore, experiment and engage with new concepts.
  • Free flowing language skills enabling the child to define, label, question, analyze, synthesize and compare experiences.

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