The Manners4Minors curriculum for Grade R & Grade 1 forms part of our Junior Personal Development Programme. “Manners4Minors” is included in the weekly programme and is a programme designed specifically for 3 to 6 year olds, aimed at introducing them to the benefits of having good manners and displaying universally acceptable social skills.
Through interactive role play, props, puppets and interesting environments together with positive reinforcement, peer encouragement and a carefully designed curriculum, we aim to stimulate an interest in the manners that will extend beyond the school walls and will have an impact on every aspect of our children’s lives.
The curriculum includes lessons on bullying, party etiquette, road safety, telephone skills, table manners, bossiness, good sportsmanship, personal safety, the magic words, healthy eating, and the importance of telling the truth, bedtime procedure, money skills, we cannot afford it, whining and nagging, divorce, the importance of grandparents, pet care, physical differences and introductory skills. Lessons are accompanied with worksheets, poems and/or sing-a-long songs.
The challenge for many parents is to get their children to realise the benefits of such refined behaviour! This is where Manners4Minors can help. Predominantly through demonstrating emotional responses which both friends and adults have to well-mannered children, we have succeeded in producing a product that will enrich the lives of children who participate in the programme and, without doubt, change some children¡¦s lives forever.

The seven PDP focus areas are: (this is cost inclusive)

  • Personal Well-being
  • Personal Skills Development
  • Social Development/Citizenship Education
  • Physical Development and Movement
  • Careers /Career Choices and Business Behaviour – orientation to the world of work
  • Leadership Development: Duty Panel
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Development & Financial Planning
  • Mentorship programme